Industry solutions

With our pasteurisation solution you will obtain the perfect mix of the highest reduction (5Log) treatment time and product quality.

Delivery Program

Log5 can deliver a full processing line for semi-automatic pasteurization of nuts, grain, seeds and spices.


To improve food safety and extend shelf-life the number of pathogens need to be reduced before consumption.

Log5 wins Gulfood Award

Log5 won the Gulfood Award the category ‘Processing Innovation’

log5Log5 offers nut pasteurization, sterilization and roasting systems that reach unprecedented levels of log reduction. The AwCP system is suitable for the pasteurization of spice, herb and vegetable, seed, grain and flour. A minimum 5 log reduction is guaranteed.

DW-Logo-grey-small Royal Duyvis Wiener is the leading manufacturer of cocoa processing and chocolate production equipment. Founded in 1885 in the heart of the Dutch cocoa industry we serve the leading companies in that market. Together with our customers, we develop the most innovative solutions. By supplying new and upgrading existing equipment, we optimise our customers’ production processes. We reduce our customers’ production costs by saving energy and minimising downtime.


Since 2010, F.B. Lehmann (founded in 1834) is a part of Royal Duyvis Wiener. F.B. Lehmann offers machines and complete plants for the industry branches of cocoa, chocolate, confectionery, paints, coatings, and chemicals.

thouetThouet, founded in 1947 and acquired in 2013 is an experienced and well-known manufacturer of a variety of high-quality machinery and equipment for the chocolate- and cocoa industry, such as conches, melters, mixers, kneaders, pumps, and cocoa powder pulverising plants. With the acquisition of Thouet, the complete range of machines, from bean to bar, can be delivered. The factory is located in Aachen, Germany.

jaf-inoxThe company JAF Inox founded in 2008, originated from the Sartori & Pedroso Food Company, a family owned business and manufacturer of gourmet chocolate. The processing equipment for the production of gourmet chocolate was developed and engineered in-house and was unique in the Brazilian market. After this equipment became very popular among cocoa- and chocolate producers in Brazil, the decision was made to change focus from the production of gourmet chocolate to the manufacturing of small scale and sophisticated processing equipment. JAF Inox can supply complete turnkey chocolate production systems from bean to bar, bean cleaning, roasting, winnowing, and grinding to 5 roll refining, conching, tempering, moulding and enrobing.