Delivery Program


Our pasteurization line consists of:

  • Processing
  • Preheating
  • Pasteurization
  • Roasting
  • Chilling

At Log 5 our customers are at the heart

of everything we do


In Koog aan de Zaan, our food technologists are there to discuss with you your specific requirements, and provide you with the opportunity to perform trials using your own products.

We will evaluate and optimize our solutions based on your product trials. This way we are able to find the right process setting for an optimal mix of Log reduction and product quality.

Technology Center

Log5 can deliver a full processing line for semi-automatic pasteurization of nuts, grain, seeds and spices.

Pasteurization Process

Log 5’s Water Activity Controlled Pasteurizer AwCP, is our second generation pasteurizer to exist as part of our new process line.

Continuous Roaster

Lehmann Continuous Roasters fit perfectly in our automated production line for the processing of all types of nuts and seeds.

RDW Equipment

The Royal Duyvis Wiener Group provides complete turnkey solutions for the refining process of nuts into paste.