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Log5 Pasteurization

Pasteurization of

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Grain
  • Spices

Turnkey solutions for the pasteurization process


Log5  provides turnkey solutions to the food industry for the pasteurization process of dry foods. Helping you to keep those important qualities such as flavor, nutrition and appearance, safe for consumption. With our pasteurization solution you will obtain the perfect mix of the highest reduction (5Log) treatment time and product quality.

Log5 is able to find an optimal balance for your needs and food safety.


Because nuts such as almonds are widely used raw or roasted e.g. oil, spreads, paste, (health) bars, salad mixes, food safety involving dry products has become a major issue in the food industry.


As grain is a major ingredient in many food products, food safety becomes an issue for manufacturers to consider.


As seeds are widely used i.e. the bakery and confectionary industry, it is highly recommended to pasteurize seeds for consumption.


As flavor is essential in food production, cross-contamination of pathogens from herbs and spices is a food safety challenge throughout the food producing industry.