Royal Duyvis Wiener’ sportive commitment to the fight against cancer!



For months: Wednesday the 5th of June 2013 has been etched in the minds of our team. After many miles of training leading up to the event; we are ready. On June 3rd we travelled to the French Alpes. The normally sleepy Alp d’Huez was overwhelmed with about 30.000 Dutchmen, a new colony was established.

Our preparation has been limited to the Lowlands of Holland with the occasional trip to the rolling slopes of South Limburg. To taste the Alps and its steep climb, we jumped on our bikes for a short altitude training where we tamed some of Col du Galibier. Alas we could not get to the top. An unfortunate road closure due to snow and ice, proved an ordeal on our narrow bike tires.
At noon it was time to retrieve to safe our energy and register for the start tomorrow. For this we drove to Alpe d’Huez. Driving to the top, it grew quiet in the car and our faces turned a little pale. Tomorrow it would be up to our legs.
The Last Judgement: up early for a hearty breakfast and much needed preparations to our material and feeding for the day. Drove to the start to line-up early. The launch would sound exactly at 10 o’clock. Waiting the hour the tension cut through the group of cyclists eager to start. BANG! Blast-off. Away we are: first the centre of Bourg d’Oisans, cheered on by an impressive crowd of supporters. Then along the official start to bend No. 21, Ouch, here anyway downshifting. Motto for the next 1,5 hour: not too look up, enjoy the cheers, and don’t forget … JUST CONTINUE!


The first ascent is a fact. After having rounded turn No. 0 and the lap around Alpe d’Huez, the pink smudge in front of Palais des Sports looms. Betty drags us through the last meters to the finish line! Now it’s time to refill our flasks, down some bars and commence the descent for the second climb. With a devastating acceleration of up to 45 km / h we descend the 14 km long way down.

The mission: to master once more the 1060 altimeters. Our aim: to bring in as much money possible for cancer research.

Eventually, a large part of our team managed to climb the mountain three times in the designated time. After this effort a cold beer tasted its supreme best. High time to replenish some of our calories in the mess tent of the organisation. We commenced our last descent to the foot of the mountain where we had parked our cars. Back to the hotel and straight to bed.
Thursday from 4:30 and 20:00: the long Alpe d’HuZes day. Now it was our turn to encourage a new generation of cyclists to conquer the mountain even up to six times.
Impressive to see it from this side: so many people, banners and candles along the way, pictures on different shirts. Enough to make you grow quiet, but not for long… Loud music and cheering gives that extra push so another finish is achieved. Count with me: 6 times 14 km – 6 times in 1060 meters height, which is very tiring, really top performance.
We are very proud and grateful, to have participated. We would like to thank our donors and the many Royal Duyvis Wiener employees who donated their half or full days off. We have collected approximately 24 000 EURO for the Foundation Alpe d’HuZes / KWF Cancer Society, a nice amount.


With sportive regards,


The Royal Duyvis Wiener Alpe d’HuZes Cycling Team: Margot Burgman (team captain), Duncan Metsemakers, Paul Veenstra, Robert Schoonderbeek, Erik Schipper, Rein van der Meer, Bas de Boer and Andrew Bosschaart.