Log5 is the winner of the Process Innovation Audience Award 2016 at the Media Plaza in Utrecht. From 14 entries three entries were selected with the status “Nominee”. These nominees competed for the Professional Award and Audience Award. We thank the audience to choose Log5 as their winner.

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The AwCP (Water Activity Controlled Pasteurization) is a pasteurization method for dry products such as nuts and seeds. This preserves the product quality as much as possible while making the dry products are safe for consumption. The process has three steps: conditioning, pasteurizing and cooling.

First, the product is heated to a temperature at which the pasteurization produces no condensation on the product. During pasteurization, water on the surface of the product is incorporated directly in the solid product. After pasteurization, the product is cooled as quickly as possible, thus increasing the shelf life of the product. The product provides a natural (without chemical addition or product change) solution in order to pasteurize dry products such as nuts and seeds while maintaining product quality.